Hello there. We are a digital strategy consultancy for mid-size companies, primarily in news, media and the arts.

What's a digitem? We'll tell you more about who we are.

How does one carpe? Find out what we do.

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Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Jenifer Kwan, Principal Digit

A producer and project manager who's worked in interactive media for over a decade, Jen has carved out a role in the spaces between disciplines.

She is at once a translator, air-traffic controller, utility player, facilitator and enabler.

We have worked with

  • The Washington Post
  • History Channel
  • Biography Channel
  • BBC America
  • Current Newspaper
  • NBC Universal
  • PBS

We help build things. Digital things.

Consider us general contractors

In the same way you'd hire someone to oversee the construction or renovation of your house, we guide clients as they solidify their vision. We keep the project on task—and most importantly—we advocate for our clients so they can keep doing what they do.

...and members of your team

As creative partners in the entire process, we fully understand the scope of the project. As tech-savvy digitems, we have a Rolodex of like-minded vendors that can swoop in to get the job done. And as invested outsiders, we're able to help you take that step back to get some needed perspective.

...who deliver practical solutions

We always keep an eye on time and budget. Our work has taken us to organizations big and small, public and private, so we know that needs vary. We tell it like it is, to keep expectations clear. And we play well with others.

Just what are those solutions?Find out more.

A few more specifics on our many hats.

Project management

We're good at getting things done. From brainstorming through design and development, user testing and launch, we manage all players in the process. We'll help you make the right decisions, which we'll translate to the vendors we select together. If you'd like, we'll walk you through every step—or we'll just keep you informed as the project moves along.

Content strategy

We're good at understanding your material. It helps to have a fresh set of eyes, and lucky for you, we're quick studies. We listen, learn and do our homework to help assess your content needs.

User experience

We're good at figuring out what makes sense. If a site launches in the forest and no one is there to use it.... We'll help you figure out how to create a site tailored for a specific audience. Your organization has unique needs, and likewise, so do your users. Thoughtful design is important, and we'll show you why.


We're good at explaining how to do things. Getting a shiny, new website is one thing. Understanding how to best use it is another. We want your entire team to make the most of your investment, to learn how it works from the bottom-up.

And then some

We're also good at developing social media strategies, process and workflow improvements, content migration, e-commerce and any other search-friendly phrases we could insert here to boost our ratings.

But we're not that type of shop. We're reasonable, responsible people who care about doing exceptional work. We care about our reputation and our referrals. We flip out over typos. We can hardly stand split infinitives. And we don't take on projects that don't feel like the right fit.

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